Brand Strategy

What-we-do_BSBrand Proposition

Brand Positioning

Organisational Alignment

Commercial success comes from a sound understanding of your business landscape.  The key is to conduct the type of research that helps you find out what your customers really think.  Why do they like your brand?  Why does your brand stand out from the crowd?  What are the key factors that generate brand loyalty and commercial value?

Our senior consultants have vast experience of working with clients turning customer insight into the foundation for an effective competitive strategy, bringing the strategy to life and working with internal teams to deliver the brand promise.

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Customer Loyalty Research

What we do_CLRCustomer Experience Journey


Critical Service Touchpoints

Customers – the lifeblood of every organisation.  Every business needs them.  But how do you get closer to them?  How do you engage with them and ensure the voice of the customer influences your category management, product and service innovations?

At Axiom we specialise in using customer loyalty research to drive commercial change.  Our senior consultants understand the commercial realities of business and can help turn customer insights into product and service initiatives that are well targeted, well delivered and deepen the relationship you have with your customers.

Communications Development

Communications Development

Communications DevelopmentCreative Development

Customer Engagement

Internal Communications

We believe that building a strong market presence requires powerful, persuasive communications that are true to your brand and credible with customers and stakeholders. Is your marketing collateral on brand? What are the right channels? What are the key messages that really engage with your target audiences?

Our consultants are experts in using customer research to establish whether your current marketing collateral is delivering the desired brand credentials.

Axiom consulting Employee Research

Employee Research

Axiom consulting Employee ResearchEmployer Brand

Employee Engagement Surveys

On Boarding / Exit Interviews

Is your organisational culture inspiring staff performance? How many of the people in your workplace are engaged and how many are disaffected?

Research consistently highlights that engaged people outperform their disengaged co-workers. Even a small increase in levels of employee engagement can have a positive impact on your organisation’s performance.

Our employee research services help you identify the drivers and processes that connect and engage your workforce helping you make informed decisions about your workplace and people strategy.

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Stakeholder Engagement

What we do_SEProgramme Evaluation

Social Marketing

Behavioural Economics

Increasing the level of community involvement in public policy, enabling residents to have more say on the services that affect their lives and neighbourhood, is at the heart of the Scottish Government’s agenda on participative democracy.

Axiom provides a range  of  services to support public sector and third sector organisations consult, involve, listen and respond to communities.