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Welcome to Axiom

Research. Insight. Strategy

We provide high quality market research services to help you plan and deliver business growth strategies. We specialise in listening to your customers, understanding what really makes them tick and identifying how to develop stronger relationships with your brand.

Our team know how to apply inquisitive thinking into commercially astute plans to ensure that it drives change. Our entire focus is to deliver customer insights that provide you with a clear direction to move your organisation forward.


RAR Finalist
Market Research Society


Emirates_3384-024_1000xpro©McAteerGlasgow 2014
Commonwealth Games

Axiom help the 2014 Organising Committee achieve a record breaking level of response to their appeal for Games Volunteers.  Our work identified motivational influences for volunteering, predicted the level of potential interest and provided communications strategy advice.  As a result of our research, the Games Volunteering Campaign was the first to offer volunteering opportunities to those aged between 16 and 18.

Glasgow Life

Glasgow Life commissioned Axiom to conduct a benchmarking profile of the sports sector in Glasgow.  Our research mapped out public access and participation in sport as well as the economic impact of the


Third Sector


The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) commissioned Axiom to conduct a study to establish the key influences on economic resilience within the third sector during the height of the recession.  The research identified key drivers for resilience and sector wide training support.  The research paper was published and Axiom was invited to present the paper at a keynote speech for the Scottish Government.

Project Scotland

Scotland’s national Youth Volunteering organisation wanted to know the likely reaction to a new IT product.   The software, which built on existing social network and IT technologies was conceptualised to support young




Hudson Recruitment

We conducted Business to Business research with HR Managers across Scotland to support the development  of  Hudson’s  white paper into the employment market and how recruitment practices are impacting on hiring outcomes.  The telephone survey highlighted how business confidence impacted on recruitment trends across a range of sectors.

MacRoberts Solicitors

MacRoberts is one of Scotland’s most pre-eminent law firms.  We conducted brand strategy research  with current and potential clients to determine the core brand proposition.  The insights gathered provided the foundations for a successful PR campaign that repositioned the MacRoberts brand and informed the development of their customer



Sectors_EducationUniversity of the Highlands and Islands

Axiom helps Scotland’s newest University to expand the reach of its student recruitment campaign. By engaging with future applicants from across the UK we identified the key motivators that encourage  people to relocate to the Highland region to study, play and live.  Our insights informed the redesign of the 2014 Undergraduate Prospectus and key recruitment messages used in the campaign.

Fife College

As part of the consultation process to support the merger of Carnegie College and Adam Smith College, the Axiom team conducted a research programme to consult with students, staff, stakeholders and employers



Sectors_HealthConsumer Focus Scotland

Scotland’s consumer watchdog commissioned Axiom to conduct an impact assessment of the Healthyliving Award. The review identified how consumer eating habits have been influenced by the healthy living message and whether involvement in the Award contributed to the economic resilience of food service organisations participating in the scheme.

NHS Borders

Axiom uses customer insight to help design a social marketing communications campaign for the Health Promotion team at NHS Borders. We conducted deep dive audience research to determine the acceptability of key health promotion messages, user experience research to assess reaction to the digital marketing collateral and




One of the key challenges for any private sector firm is how to deliver sales growth. At Axiom our consultants really understand the types of customer and marketing strategies that can generate real growth.  With this knowledge we can design, plan and deliver customer research that can help you identify:

  • How to build customer loyalty and increase share of wallet from existing customers
  • How best to target and acquire new customers
  • How to innovate and develop new products
  • How best to move into a new sales territory

Over the last 20 years our lead consultants have collectively interviewed 1000’s of


Brand Strategy

What-we-do_BSBrand Proposition

Brand Positioning

Organisational Alignment

Commercial success comes from a sound understanding of your business landscape.  The key is to conduct the type of research that helps you find out what your customers really think.  Why do they like your brand?  Why does your brand stand out from the crowd?  What are the key factors that generate brand loyalty and commercial value?

Our senior consultants have vast experience of working with clients turning customer insight into the foundation for an effective competitive strategy, bringing the strategy to life and working with internal teams to deliver the brand promise.